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Winter Tips For Trees

When it gets cold, make sure to take care of your trees. Here are some essential tips for winter trees maintenance suggestions.

Tree Pruning – Winter Season

The trees go into dormancy during the winter months. The colder months are the best moment to prune. Tree experts recommend pruning trees when they are young in order to create a strong structure and stop damage such as the loss of limbs.

Here are five suggestions for cutting young trees

  •  Select your central lead
  •  Find the branches of the scaffold
  •  Remove dead, diseased, as well as damaged or diseased branches
  •  Select the branch with the lowest percentage of permanence
  •  Take the branches below the branch with the lowest permanence and either remove them or go back

If you’re worried about pruning, or do not have the tools you need seek out a certified arborist to offer the winter tree pruning service.

Save trees from freezing

Make sure you have safeguards for your trees that are most at risk as temperatures drop below the freezing point. Young trees aren’t able to handle temperatures that are lower than 32 degrees.

Trees that are susceptible to damage can be covered using burlap, tarps or sheets that extend down to the ground, keeping warm in the earth’s stored warmth. Make use of stakes to reduce interaction between your tree and covering. It is also important to place the potted tree in shaded places. Soil that is moist absorbs more solar energy than soil that is dry, and then re-radiates warmth in the evening.


The soil should be covered with mulch starting close to the trunk and moving for 2 or more feet away of the trees in each direction. It is best to place the mulch in a circular pattern about the trunk. Mulch ought to look like an arc, not an eruption, and should be placed around the tree’s trunk. Make sure to use organic mulches, such as wood chips, and without leaf matter.

Keep Watering

Make sure to water your trees throughout winter. The young trees need to be watered between 7 and 14 days. It is recommended to use about 10 gallons of water per watering. It is essential to water trees that have just been planted to help them recover from the stress of transplanting.

It is necessary to keep your trees hydrated from 30 up to 60 days. Utilize 15 gallons water per inch of the diameter of the trunk. apply the water gradually to allow it enough time to get into the soil.

Get in touch with Tree Service Durham Pros for additional winter tree care suggestions.

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