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Who Removes Trees For Free?

Although tree removal often falls as a responsibility of the owner, there are events where you might get tree removal for free. Some of these instances are:

The tree was part of a government project: If you’re planning to remove a tree, though rarely, you can check if their location were part of a city, state, or federal project. This is especially true on trees that line streets, as most likely a government initiative is what triggered these tree plantings. Check with your local city hall, and if the tree is indeed a government project before, they’ll most likely remove them at no charge.

Giving away the wood free: This may be an unpopular choice, but you can post ads or posters that you’re giving away the wood of the tree you want to be cut down for free, as long as the taker is the one who will be doing the cutting. Many people need additional wood supplies, like furniture stores, woodcraft enthusiasts, or people who generally want to stock up on some firewood.

If a tree poses a risk on a utility line: Whether it be gas lines or power lines if you suspect a tree is at immediate risk of posing a threat to your neighborhood’s utility lines, call the respective company. Most utility companies already have contracts in place with local professional tree cutting teams. If there is an excellent chance that your tree poses a risk to their lines, they usually remove it with no extra cost.

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