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What Are The Benefits in Pruning Trees In Winter?

Some tree care companies won’t work in winter when it comes to trimming trees. However, the majority of tree care companies do. These tree arborists understand the importance pruning trees in the winter season.

Some pruning work, such as pruning fruit trees, is only done in winter. Winter is when trees go into dormancy. Pruning during dormancy has numerous benefits.

It’s Easier to Evaluate Trees In Winter Season

It’s much easier to see the tree structure after the autumn leaves have fallen. A certified arborist can now see dangerous, dead limbs. These branches will determine if pruning is needed to keep your trees safe and beautiful.

How to Prevent Transmitting Diseases

Winter pruning helps stop the spread of some deadly diseases such as Dutch elm and oak wilt disease. The cold season is when parasites, bacteria, fungi, and insects that can carry diseases die. Pruning makes it less likely that infections will be transmitted by pruning.

Trees are less stressed

Winter pruning does not encourage new growth, which can be damaged by cold weather, wounding, or marring the tree. Studies show that trees can heal from cuts made in winter before they are engulfed by harmful insects.

Winter Damage

The cold temperature and inclement weather during the Wintertime can damage trees and then they become dangerous. It is essentially a lot of snow or ice that creates extra weight on branches and causes them to fall.  This can destruct houses, block roads and take down power lines. Pruning in cold weather can make your trees more secure and help to revitalize weaker trees.

Pruning in the Warmer Season

Although winter is a great time to prune your trees, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do so during the warmer months. There are many reasons spring and summer pruning offer different benefits.

  • Improve air circulation
  • To let in more sunlight, open the tree.
  • Prune trees that are too large

Discuss your current landscape needs with an arborist from RJ Tree Service Durham. Proper pruning can improve the health of your trees over time.

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