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Stump grinding is the last but the most important part of tree removal. Cutting the tree and removing it is not the end of a tree removal service. A professional tree removal service is usually followed by stump grinding. Stump grinding is the process of removing the tree stump using special machinery. Not many companies in the area are providing stump grinding services mainly because they lack the necessary machinery and expertise required to do the job. We, on the other hand, are fully equipped and skilled to remove the stubborn stumps off your property.

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Why Stump Grinding?

Some people do not know about the adverse effects of leaving a stump behind. They leave it in their yard because it looks like a perfectly natural spot to sit on. Little do they know that leaving the stump behind can be quite dangerous for their yard and loved ones. If you are still not convinced, then here are some common reasons why you should here stump grinding services.

  • Dangerous. Stumps are dangerous, especially when you have children around. Avoiding stumps may seem like an easy task for you, but for a child playing in the yard, stumps can go completely disregarded.
  • New tree growth. Stumps can cause a new tree to grow. The roots from tree stumps can sometimes cause new sprouts to grow which can easily turn into a new tree. So, if you do not want a tree on your property, then you should not leave a stump behind.
  • Not enough space. Stumps take up valuable space. If your yard is pretty small, then you should not waste your precious space on a stump. Once the stubborn stump is removed you will have enough space to do anything you like on the same spot.
  • Stumps is a magnet for insects. Stumps can attract pests and insects, especially if it is left in your yard for a long time. Don’t invite pests and insects to your property and hire a stump grinding service as soon as possible.
  • Unattractive. Let’s be honest, it is just ugly to have a stump in your yard. Nothing ruins a beautifully landscape than a stump right in plain view.
  • Harder to maintain. This creates more difficulties when mowing or weeding around the stump. It can also be a hazard to work around the stump if you are not careful or even damage your lawn mower.

Tree Service Durham - Stump Grinding Method

​Since many tree service companies do not possess adequate equipment, they try to remove stumps using lye or other dangerous chemicals. Although these chemicals are quite effective, they pose serious threats to animals. Not only that, but the chemicals also make the area unusable for some time. If you hire our stump grinding services, we will send your dedicated stump grinder expert to your house for an accurate estimate. It does not matter if you have one stump or a yard full of them, our state-of-the-art equipment can ground down easily, quickly, and in a budget-friendly way. No matter the size of the stump or the size of your yard, we will take care of removing the stumps off your property in a safe and professional manner.

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Why Should You Choose Durham Tree Service Pros?

Now, if you have decided to get the stumps of previously removed trees ground down, Sandy Springs Tree Service is the right choice for the job. Not only do we use the best equipment, but our certified arborists have years of experience grinding down stumps of all sizes. Additionally, here are a couple more reasons to choose us:

  • Highly trained professional – Stump grinding requires more than a machine and an operator. It is a combination of experience, techniques, and machinery to deliver the optimal solution for stump grinding.
  • We Offer Discounts – We are one of the few tree services in the city that offer discounts on larger jobs. So, if you need more than one stump removed, we can provide you with a very competitive price.
  • No Extra Fee – We do not charge for hauling away the wood chips like some other companies. So, there is no extra charge associated with our stump grinding service.
  • We Can Handle Large Jobs – If you need a large expanse of land cleared, we will charge you a flat hourly rate. Furthermore, you can expect our best prices for this type of work.

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Our team of tree experts has sufficient knowledge and they are well-equipped to takes care of the whole stump grinding process quickly and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right away and let our tree experts and their stump grinders do the heavy lifting for you.

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