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Do You Really Need To Trim Your Evergreen Bushes?

Do You Need to Trim Evergreens? There is no need to trim any plant. Evergreens aren’t the only exception. Many evergreens possess a unique shape that allows them to remain gorgeous with no pruning whatsoever. This is the reason it’s crucial to understand the best time to prune evergreen shrubs.

The importance of knowing when to trim Evergreen Bushes

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There are a few situations when trimming evergreen trees may be worth the effort. Like any other plant experts recommend that you cut off diseased, broken or dead branches. The disease in any branch could quickly spread to other branches of the tree. A dead branch is opportunity for insects and diseases to thrive.

The most common reason for trimming evergreens from a artistic perspective is to create a more full plant. Just a little bit of trimming at the right time can result in a stronger, healthier plant that can be stunning. It is easy to ruin the appearance of evergreens when you trim it incorrectly or by over-trimming.

The most evergreens can be pruned. But, they behave differently to other species. It is important to determine what type of evergreen species you are working with and the most effective method of pruning it.

When cutting, numerous plants maintain their shape under control. This isn’t an easy task to complete with evergreens as they all stem from a central source. Avoid the practice of the tree’s top by cutting off the top portion of the tree’s trunk. Cutting back the middle stem will reduce the height of the tree, however the edges will continue to fill out, creating an unusually-shaped tree.

Another incredibly dangerous pruning method is to climb up an evergreen tree or eliminating the lower branches since you’ll need the space beneath it. You’re better off researching the growth habits of your tree and then planting one that’s not too big for the area you are given.


When to prune

Pruning of many evergreens takes place in during the spring months before the new growth starts when the growth of new growth is starting or semi-dormant during the middle of summer. The ideal time to start the spring season is early because the new growth will quickly emerge.

The new growth of evergreens is referred to as candles since the branches tips have the form of candles. By cutting the candle tips back half way prior to the growth of the needles and help the tree develop an elongated body.

Candling can occur from at the close of March and mid-May, depending on the weather conditions and the region.

Don’t trim after the needles are fully opened or else you’ll have an odd-looking plant as many evergreens don’t grow back their tips.

A Rule of Thirds is a regular rule of trimming that is also applicable to evergreens: Never remove more than 1/3 of a tree. The removal of excessive growth at the same time is extremely stressful to the tree. The tree will need some time to heal.

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