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Do Pine Tree Roots Grow Down Or Out?

Pine trees are classified as conifers, which is known to originate from the northern hemisphere of our planet. Though, with that being said, the roots of Pine trees are pretty much the same as those of common trees. The structure of its roots is called a Taproot system. What this means is that the primary root of a seedling pine tree grows first and is later used as the base for the growth of other or secondary roots.

With a taproot system, pine trees are divided into two categories

Fine roots: This type of roots goes up to the soil’s upper layer in the earlier years of development. As the name suggests, these roots are characterized by their thin and soft bodies. These delicate roots giveaway later on the life of the tree to the secondary roots, or the coarse roots

Coarse roots: These are the secondary roots of a pine tree that takes over the fine roots a little later in the tree’s life. Coarse roots grow deep into the soil and will live as long as the tree. Easily distinguished by their thick and hard characteristic, these roots also have a secondary system that lets smaller roots grow in their main body.

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